Team Brit

Bobby Trundley and Aaron Morgan are competing in the British GT Championship alongside non-disabled rivals.

Motorsport has always been hugely competitive, but it hasn’t always been inclusive. Until, that is, Team BRIT came along.

Team BRIT is the UK’s only disabled racing team, and thanks to its pioneering technology, it has enabled its drivers to compete on equal terms with their non-disabled rivals.

That’s something no other sport can offer.

For Bobby Trundley, diagnosed as severely autistic as a teenager, it’s been a life-changing opportunity.

“Working with Team BRIT has been fantastic for me,” he says.

“It’s really helped me with my confidence and social skills and has reduced my levels of anxiety.”

Bobby’s teammate in the British GT Championship is Aaron Morgan.

Team Brit

Aaron Morgan

Aaron was left paralysed from the waist down through spinal cord injuries caused by a motocross accident in 2006 when he was just 15.

The pair race a full specification GT4 car featuring a featherlight weight carbon fibre chassis and a 3.8 litre twin turbo McLaren V8 engine, which is linked to a racing seven-speed transmission.

‘I tried other wheelchair sports – but this was different’

But it’s thanks to a revolutionary steering wheel design, which has been nominated for numerous technology awards, that Aaron is able to compete on equal terms with the other drivers on the grid.

“I tried other wheelchair sports, like basketball and tennis, after my injury,” he says.

“But my real love is the speed and adrenaline of motorsport. So the chance to be able to race, and to be at the forefront of developing technologies that will help other disabled drivers was incredible.


“It’s allowed other injured racers like me the chance to return to the sport they love and opened the door for others new to motor racing.”

The team, whose motto is “changing motorsport, changing lives” has already exceeded its expectations for its first season in the British GT Championship.

Now it has set its sights on being the first disabled team to compete in the toughest endurance race of them all – the Le Mans 24 hour.



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