What Is A Personal Emergency Exit Plan (PEEP)

A personal emergency exit plan for the disabled is a plan that outlines the specific steps and actions that an individual with a disability should take in the event of an emergency, such as a fire or natural disaster.

This plan may include identifying a safe place to go, identifying an evacuation route, and arranging for assistance from staff emergency responders as needed. It may also include information about any special equipment or accommodations that may be necessary during an emergency.

The goal of a personal emergency exit plan is to ensure that the individual with a disability is able to safely evacuate the building and get to a safe place in the event of an emergency.


Five reasons why your business should have an emergency plan in place for guests with disabilities:

  1. Safety: People with disabilities may have unique needs and requirements during an emergency, such as assistance with evacuation, the use of special equipment, or the need for sign language interpreters. An emergency plan for guests with disabilities should outline procedures for providing this assistance and ensuring the safety of guests with disabilities.

  2. Legal Compliance: Many countries have laws and regulations that require hotels to provide accommodations for guests with disabilities during an emergency. Failure to do so can result in penalties and fines, and in some cases can also put the hotel at risk of litigation.

  3. Inclusion and Respect: By having an emergency plan in place for guests with disabilities, the hotel is demonstrating its commitment to inclusion and respect for all guests, regardless of their abilities.

  4. Reputation and Business Continuity: A hotel’s reputation can be severely damaged if it is not prepared for an emergency for guests with disabilities. Having an emergency plan in place can help to minimize the impact of an emergency on the hotel’s reputation and business continuity.

  5. Humanitarian: In case of emergency, it is important to have a plan in order to protect the lives and well-being of guests with disabilities. The emergency plan should be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that it remains relevant and effective in case of an emergency.

Overall, an emergency plan for guests with disabilities is essential for ensuring the safety and well-being of guests with disabilities, as well as for protecting the hotel’s reputation, business continuity and legal compliance. Additionally, it also promotes the values of inclusion and respect.

Emergency Plan

To ensure your emergency plan is relevant to the guests you have at your premises you will need to identify the needs of individual guests who have a disability that may require your assistance.

Your reception team may be trained to ask questions if the guest is booking directly with your business by telephone or email. If this has not happened then your first point of contact will probably be when the guest arrives at reception. 

We have created a questionnaire that can be used by your business for guests with disabilities, this saves you from making assumptions with regards to their needs in the case of an emegency.

Click the link below to download the template and please use with our compliments.



Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

PEEP Guest Questionnaire

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