Persons of a short stature

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THERE ARE 200 DIAGNOSED TYPES OF GROWTH-RELATED DISORDERS that can cause dwarfism and that result in the person being 4 feet 10 inches or less in height. For an adult, being treated as cute and childlike can be a tough obstacle.

Be aware of having necessary items within the person’s reach to the maximum extent possible.

Be aware that persons of short stature count on being able to use equipment that is at their height. Be sensitive about not using lower telephones, bank counters and urinals if they are in limited supply.

As with people who have other disabilities, never pet or kiss a person of short stature on the head.

Communication can be easier when people are at the same level. Persons of short stature have different preferences.

You might kneel to be at the person’s level; stand back so you can make eye contact without the person straining her neck (this can be hard to do in a crowded room); or sit in a chair.

Act natural and follow the person’s cues.

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