People With Learning Disabilities

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LEARNING DISABILITIES ARE LIFELONG DISORDERS that interfere with a person’s ability to receive, express or process information.

Although they have certain limitations, most people with learning disabilities have average or above average intelligence.

You may not realize that the person has a learning disability because he functions so well. Or you may be confused about why such a high functioning person has problems in one aspect of his work.

People with dyslexia or other reading disabilities have trouble reading written information. Give them verbal explanations and allow extra time for reading.

Don’t be surprised if you tell someone very simple instructions and he requests that you write them down.

Because spoken information gets “scrambled” as he listens, a person who has a learning disability such as auditory processing disorder may need information demonstrated or in writing.

Ask the person how you can best relay information. Be direct in your communication. A person with a learning disability may have trouble grasping subtleties.

It may be easier for the person to function in a quiet environment without distractions, such as a radio playing, people moving around or loudly patterned curtains.

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