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Why not have your website accessible to everyone?

It can be really difficult trying to navigate a website if you have a disability, with our disability-compliant app your business website will become more user-friendly instantly and also make you compliant with regard to the Equalities Act 2010. Take your customer service to the next level and engage with visitors to your website who will really appreciate your efforts in helping them whilst looking at your business.

With over 29 functions look at the main features of the app below.

Visual Impairment App

Accessibility Mode

Epilepsy Safe Mode

This mode enables people with epilepsy to use the website safely by eliminating the risk of seizures that result from flashing or blinking animations and risky colour combinations.

Cognitive Disability Mode

This mode provides different assistive options to help users with cognitive impairments such as Dyslexia, Autism, CVA, and others, to focus on the essential elements of the website more easily.

ADHD Friendly Mode

This mode helps users with ADHD and Neurodevelopmental disorders to read, browse, and focus on the main website elements more easily while significantly reducing distractions.

Visually Impaired Mode

This mode adjusts the website for the convenience of users with visual impairments such as Degrading Eyesight, Tunnel Vision, Cataract, Glaucoma, and others.

Blindness Mode

This mode configures the website to be compatible with screen-readers such as JAWS, NVDA, Voice Over, and Talk Back. A screen-reader is software for blind users that is installed on a computer and smartphone, and websites must be compatible with it.

readable experience of the app

Readable Experience Of The App

This app enable users to adjust how the content of your site is displayed, so it is as readable as possible to their particular disability.

Content Scaling

The option allows scaling the website content.

Readable Font

The option converts the content font to a more readable one.

Dyslexia Friendly

The option adapts the font to be more convenient for Dyslexic users.

Highlight Titles

The option highlights the titles with borders for all site content.

Highlight Links

The option highlights the links with borders for all site content. Text


The option allows you to display specific text in the magnifier on hover.

Font Sizing

The option allows you to change the text font size as a percentage.

Line Height

The option allows you to change the font line height as a percentage

Letter Spacing

The option allows you to change the text letter spacing as a percentage.

Text Alignment

The option aligns the website content to the left, center or right.

visual experience of the app

Visual Pleasing Experience

Tools relating to the colorization of your website.

Dark Contrast:

The option sets a dark contrast for the content of the entire site.

Light Contrast:

The option sets a light contrast for the content of the entire site.


The option applies a monochrome colour scheme for the entire site.

High Saturation:

The option adds color saturation for the entire site content.

High Contrast:

The option increases colour contrast for the entire site content.

Low Saturation:

The option minimizes colour saturation for the entire site content.

Text Colour:

The option displays a colour picker to adjust the text colour of website content.

Background Colour:

The option displays a color picker to adjust the background color of website content.

orientation experience of the app

Easy Orientation Experience

Tools for people with visual impairments, cognitive disabilities, or motor impairments to orient better at the site.

Mute Sounds:

The option mutes all sounds on the site.

Hide Images:

The option hides all images on the site.

Virtual Keyboard:

The option enables the virtual keyboard when any one of the input fields is active.

Stop Animations:

The option allows disabling animations on the site

Highlight Hover:

The option highlights the hover area by borders

Highlight Focus:

The option highlights the focus area by borders.

Big Black Cursor:

The option enables a large black cursor instead of the regular one.

Reading Guide:

The option displays a guideline that follows the cursor and helps to concentrate only on the specific text.

Keyboard Navigation:

The option enables a keyboard navigation feature.

Reading Mask:

The option creates a horizontal mask of a certain height that follows the cursor and allows you to select and focus only on a certain part of the content.

Text To Speech:

The option enables the Text-to-Speech feature. Audio is generated when the user highlights text.

Surfing the web is a visual experience and so many businesses rely on the Internet to communicate with their customers.

Under the Equality Act 2010, we must treat everybody equally, and until now the Internet has been overlooked with a one size fits all approach. The UK Government is now addressing this problem of accessibility making it a legal requirement.

By installing the app you are making your website more accessible to the consumer, it will improve customer service, and makes your website compliant for search engines such as Google and the Equalities Act 2010.

Visual Impairment

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