Under the Equality Act, small and medium-sized businesses have to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ so they do not discriminate against disabled customers. This module will help business owners identify ways they can make their premises more accessible, improving the customers experience and customer service.

Before booking a reservation at a restaurant or booking accommodation, people with disabilities and their family members will consider whether this business is suitable to their needs.

By providing valuable information with regard to your accessibility, you are showing potential customers that your business aims to serve the needs of those with disabilities and provide them with a quality service.


Accessible Business

How To Make Your Business Accessible

access statement

Carry out an access audit of the business that is accessible to the general public, this has proven to be very valuable for customers to make an informed decision.

digital information

Provide accessibility features of the business that can be viewed on your website. Sent directly to customer via email or text.

disability awareness

Staff members who are trained to assist customers with various disabilities. The 16 module disability etiquette section covers this in great detail.

Why Your Business Needs An Access Statement

Can you imagine the frustration when a customer with disabilities can’t access the information they need easily in this digital age?

They search your website to see what facilities you offer that will meet their personal needs and no information is readily available, so they have to phone or email the business, or they simply continue their search and find another business.

Twenty per cent of the populations daily lives are impacted by a disability which is a staggering number and they really appreciate that businesses help by providing useful information on how accessible their premises are if they were to visit. 

Things to consider in what to include in your access statement which can then be predominantly placed on your website, made into a PDF or word document which can be downloaded by the potential customer or sent by email.

How To Make An Access Statement For Disability Access To Your Business

An access statement is a document that provides information about the accessibility of a building or facility, such as a hotel, for people with disabilities. It should include information about the building’s physical accessibility, as well as any services or facilities provided for people with disabilities.


An access statement should be written in an easy to understand language and should be available in alternative formats upon request. It should provide clear and detailed information about the accessibility of the hotel and help guests with disabilities plan their visit and make informed decisions about choosing a place to stay.


Here are some steps that can be followed to create an access statement for disability access to any business within the hospitality sector.


Conduct An Accessibility Audit:

Conduct a thorough assessment of the hotel’s facilities, including guest rooms, public areas, and parking facilities, to identify any barriers to accessibility for people with disabilities.

Gather Information:

Gather information about the hotel’s facilities, services, and policies that are relevant to people with disabilities. This can include information about parking, entrances, lifts, accessible rooms, and any other facilities or services provided for people with disabilities.

Describe The Accessibility Features:

Describe the accessibility features of the hotel, including any ramps, lifts, and accessible toilets, as well as any other facilities or services provided for people with disabilities.

Include Contact Information:

Include contact information for the hotel, such as a phone number or email address, so that people with disabilities can contact the hotel to ask any questions or make any special arrangements.

Be Honest And Transparent:

Be honest and transparent about the hotel’s accessibility and the limitations of the facilities. If there are any accessibility issues, describe them clearly and provide information on the alternative solutions available.

Update Regularly:

Review and update the access statement regularly to make sure that the information is current and accurate.

Make It Available:

Make the access statement available on the hotel’s website, or in printed form at the hotel’s reception or by request.

Train Staff:

Train staff on the hotel’s accessibility features, policies and procedures and on how to assist guests with disabilities and make any necessary accommodations

Access Statement What to Include

The Exterior Of The Premises

Driveway Entrance

Say what type of surface a customer will meet upon arrival.





Block Paving



Parking is very important to some customers with disabilities so tell them what you provide.


Disabled parking bays

Accessible parking close to entrance

Parking at the front or rear of property

Distance from carpark to property entrance

Drop off point


If the guest has to use a pathway before entering your premises tell them what it is constructed of.





Block Paved


Exterior Lighting

Explain what exterior lighting you may have that may be beneficial.


Pathways Illuminated

Car park Illuminated

Front entrance Illuminated

Outside seating areas

Outdoor Gardens

If your business is fortunate to have outdoor gardens let them know.


Are the gardens pathed so wheelchair users can enjoy and what is the path constructed of.

Does it have seating areas so guests can take a rest if necessary.

Outdoor Dining and Beer Garden

If you have an outdoor dining area or beer garden.


Explain what the patio surface is.

Type of seating

If it has quiet areas

How accessible it is for guests with regard to mobility

The Interior Of The Premises

Entrance Into Premises

Is the entry into the premises level, has steps, or ramped.

If the guests has to encounter steps is there a temporary ramp available.

Door Entrance

Explain what the door entrance is like for example automatic door, revolving door, opens inwards or opens outwards.


Has a bell at an accessible height to request assistance.

Reception / Lobby Area

Explain if you have a reception area which is supervised by a member of staff. 


If it has seating for guests to sit on if required whilst waiting assistance.


What facilities you have available for guests with hearing or impaired vision when checking in.


What type of flooring is in the reception area.



Corridor areas

Is their clear signage

Type of flooring

Internal door ways

Type of lighting

Stairs and Lifts

Provide information regarding stairs:


To include how many levels of stairs there are to the upper level of building that is accessible to guests. Useful information to include how many stair risers and hand rails.


Does the business have a lift and is it suitable for wheelchair access.

Public Areas

Explain what a guest will find in the public areas of the premises.


Type of seating


Ramps and steps



Disabled Toilets

Room Accommodation

Describe the types of accommodation available and location within the building.


Number of disabled rooms

Accessible rooms

Large Print Guest Information (Impaired Vision)

Flat Screen TV with subtitles (Impaired Hearing)

Furniture within room

Any possible trip hazards 

Washing Facilities

Explain in detail the washing facilities available in the room accommodation.


Walk in showers (suitable for wheel chairs or not)

Bath with shower

Bath only

Type of flooring

Grab rails

Safety alarms

Dining Areas

If breakfast is served in a different room to the restaurant (evening meal) then detail both areas.

Types of flooring

Ramps and steps

Types of seating and tables

Wheelchair friendly

Self service or assisted service

Nearest access to toilets

Bar and Function Areas

Describe what is available within the area.


Seating and tables

Ramps and steps

Quiet areas and type of lighting

Large screen TV with sub titles

Toilet Facilities

Access Statement Template - Easy Access 4 U

Access Statement Template

You can access our ready to use template to help with your access audit. 

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